Friday, June 28, 2013

This is a fabulous find!

Someone's YouTube Video

I do not know the person who posted this video... but evidently they were standing right behind us at the Nightwish Concert.

At 1:01, you can hear a girl yell "Tuomas! I love your hat!!!"  That is my Mollie Bug. Then you will see Marco lift an imaginary hat off his head... that is the moment right after Tuomas tipped his hat at my daughter.

I can also identify my Mollie Bug's voice as she sings along with the song... particularly at the beginning, humming along with the pipes.  And the cell phone that keeps swaying into view with a little white dog on the phone's background... yep. That's Mollie's phone and that is our dog, Neeners.

We had some great conversations with the people around us that evening... so I really would like to know who posted this video. I only hope it wasn't that one woman who I scared the living daylights out of after I had a confrontation with a man who was pushing up against my child. I was ready to clobber that fool.  And the woman behind me at that time, was watching it unfold with wide eyes.

I am so grateful to whoever filmed this video. It gave me an awesome gift yesterday.  It gave me the chance to sit back and witness my daughter's amazement all over again! This was a glorious night. And as I sat on the couch beside Mollie as she watched the video for the first time, I paid special attention to her face.  She smiled, she laughed, she popped back in amazement and her hand covered her mouth as she heard her own voice.  She relived the moment. So thank you Charies S., poster of this YouTube video, for giving me a gift.  Thank you for allowing me, less than two weeks before my daughter goes in for open heart surgery, for letting me see her beaming smile, for letting her relive one of the best nights of her life.

Thank you.