Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Bug Meets the Band

 Art of Dying is a band out of Canada.  We never heard of them but we liked them.  Bug actually REALLY liked them and wants to buy their music.  The floor was a general admission area and this is the closest Bug has ever been to the stage.

 And here is Halestorm.  Lzzy's vocals are out-frickin-standing.  The girl can wail.  She blows me away each time I see her perform live.  And this time we actually got to meet her.  She was humble and kind.  She maintained eye contact when I spoke with her and she genuinely listened to what I was saying.  Before we parted ways, she gave me a hug.  That is SO not Rockstar.  But it was way cool.

 A very tired Bug displayed her autographed poster from the comfort of her bed later that night.

 The Bug and Arejay Hale.  She had never gone backstage before.  She was amazingly calm.  I know she was excited but she was not at all star struck.  The kid's cool demeanor is not something she got from me.  She did not get it from her dad either.  He clams up.  But this kid is just so comfortable in her skin, she just walked back there, held up her hand and simply said, "Hey!"  But when we got home, she confessed she was most excited about meeting this guy.

 Lzzy is so amazing.  I just don't know what else to say.  This picture is so cool.  My baby girl met a chick who can rock with class.

 And Joe Hottinger!  Who knew this guy was so friggin cool!  OMG!  You know, I have often looked at him and Josh and wondered if they ever get tired of being overlooked.  Everyone seems to focus on the brother & sister (Arejay & Lzzy).  So when we walked back toward the band, Arejay was in front but he went to shake someone else's hand, and Lzzy talked to the woman beside me.  So I put my hand out and said, "Hi Joe."  And his grin was priceless.

I LOVE this picture the most.  He put his arm around the Bug and she smiled and made a fist.  He looked at her hand, imitated the fist and smiled this goofy grin.  It was so priceless.  He was like Lzzy, he listened to everything I said with an unsual attentiveness.  It was really cool.  Both he and Lzzy made me feel like what I had to say was very important to them.  I've never experienced that before with anyone in the rock business.

We also managed to snag one of Joe's guitar picks during the concert!

The guy in white is Josh.  He is super quiet and really just stands back and observes the events around him.  We tried to talk a little bit more with him but the meet and greet was over and we were literally being whisked away.  Even the band was like, "Dude!  What's the rush?"