Tuesday, September 14, 2010

High School Open House

I don't know what it is about high school....but I am thoroughly confused.  It has never happened like this before.  In middle school, the Bug would get her schedule and I would review it, commit teacher names to memory, check credentials and go on.

Not this time.  They gave her the schedule.  I looked up each teacher, reviewed their webpages, and then the school changed the Bug's schedule...also changing some of her teachers.  This threw me for a loop.

I met almost all her teachers last night.  The night started off with a bang.  I met face to face with the counselor who was so attentive to my concerns and pulled the Bug out of P.E. and put her in an adapted P.E. class due to her congenital heart defect.  I shook her hand and thanked her for being right on top of things and so willing to work with us in such an understanding manner.

Then I met the Bug's Spanish II teacher.  Right away he let me know that he thinks my kid is the friggin' bomb!  Now how could I not like him?  He wants the Bug to shoot for the National Spanish Honor Society.  Last year, only three graduating seniors qualified.  He is confident the Bug will be one of them in June 2014.  He told me the Bug has a natural knack for learning the language.  Her ability to memorize is outstanding.  He also said students like her are rare.

So far...so good.