Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Bald & The Beautiful butt kicking...

For about four or five years now, I have been playing pool.  (As in billiards.)  I am not that good.  But Shark is.  Thus, the moniker, Shark.  I have been on a handful of first place teams, gotten a few nice pins and patches for various accomplishments, nothing overwhelmingly special.

Last session, our team was thrown together at the last minute.  Our team name, naturally was "Thrown Together".  We ended the season in first place.  Our team is made up of 8 players, 4 women, 4 men.  Three of the 4 men are bald.  The one guy with a full head of hair is David.  He's kinda "GQ" and one night, this drunk stripper girl was really making a big deal about how "beautiful" David is.  So from then on, we have been calling him "Beautiful David". 

Now...think about this.  Four women, three bald men...and Beautiful David.  We have changed the name of our team this session to "The Bald and the Beautiful".  It works.  Almost.  The problem seems to be, we have lost all our billiard mojo and we are currently sitting in dead last place. 

A couple weeks ago, on Facebook, one of the girls on our team posted, apologizing for not being able to make it to pool night, and asking how our team did.  One of the bald guys posted a reply saying we got our butt kicked.  Another girl on our team said we got our butts kicked so bad, it still hurt.  And then I replied, "Yep.  My butt hasn't hurt this bad since that time we went to the coast for spring break, and I drank all those Jagerbombs and passed out on the beach and.....oh never mind."


Netter said...

Sounds like the story was just getting good! I played pool a couple of weeks ago. Once I got back in the swing of it, I remembered why I liked it so much and couldn't remember why I stopped playing.

Rockstar Mom said...

It's fun, right!?