Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mom of the Year

The Bug had a minor surgical procedure done to remove a mole/birthmark she has had since birth.  It had recently changed texture and the edges were becoming more jagged, so it was best to have it removed.  It was also in a...shall we say...peculiar location.

Her dad and I used to say if any boys were overheard speaking of her birthmark, the boy was dead and she was grounded.  Now she has a nice long scar.  Actually the surgery was performed by a plastic surgeon in an effort to keep the scaring to a minimum.

I think the surgeon did a great job.  But as I sat there in the waiting room, while the doctor cut my daughter's coochie area with a scalpel, and I began to question myself as to why I insisted I would be okay in the waiting room alone.  I also questioned why I agreed to have her surgery done on Friday the 13th?

She had a follow up appointment today.  Her next and final follow up is in two weeks.  The good news is the lab report showed no abnormalities in the mole.  All the way home the Bug coughed and hacked until her right lung suddenly appeared in her hand.  And to my horror she said she has had the cough for three weeks and I have done nothing about it.

Um...I was supposed to take her to the doctor and I forgot.  I've had a lot going on!  My dad is getting divorced, is about to arrive on my door step with all his dirty laundry AND my water heater sprung a leak earlier in the week and is only temporarily fixed.  I've had a full plate, alright!?

I am inching further and further away from earning that "Mom of the Year" award.  I guess it's okay to dump the folder where I've been storing and editing my acceptance speech.

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Jeannie said...

Hey! Just looking over my "followers" and saw you there! Didn't have a clue before now so I've been catching up. So good to see you again.

You have a little different voice now. But I like it.

Like your rockstar bangs too.

Glad the Bug's mole was normal. Don't feel too bad about the cough. Anyone can get caught up and miss something. I do it all the time.

Hope things work out with your Dad. Sounds like a hand full.