Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rockstar Bangs

In June I sat down in Leslie's hair chair and said "I want Rockstar Bangs".  She looked at me sketpically because I had just spent a year growing out the bangs I had previously had.  They were not rockstar.  They were just whispy bangs and I had grown tired of them.  While it is much easier, without bangs, to gather up all my hair and throw it into a pony tail, the look just doesn't work for me anymore as a woman approaching her 4th decade of life.

At Easter, my youngest sister was sporting a new hair style.  Her long straight hair is naturally jet black and her bangs were rockin.  They were full with a blunt cut.  I immediately loved them.  So I asked if she would be offended if I got my bangs cut the same way.  She was not insulted. She was flattered.  And she should be.  She looked awesome.  I wasn't trying to compete.  I just loved the cut.  These are Rockstar Bangs.  And to prove my point, here are the pictures.

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden and Rock God.

Joan Jett.  When I was in the 4th grade, I aspired to be just like her.  Joan eventually came out of the closet.  I, however, am straight as an arrow.  But I still wanted that hair.

Lzzy Hale. She is by far my favorite (rock) female lead singer. This chick has the voice I always wished I had.  And look at that hair.  My rope does not swing on that side of the creek.  But if it ever did, I would want to play in her creek.

Me. I am not a Rockstar. But I have bangs like one.  And a girl can dream.

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