Friday, September 21, 2012

We were not quite done....

Just announced this all time favorite band on the face of the Earth, will be making a stop in Austin in November. It is going to be the scheduling week from hell. But it's Aerosmith. And with Aerosmith... all things are possible. 

And my Mollie Bug said she wants to go too! I got a presale password and purchased my tickets today. They are not the best seats in the place, but they were much closer to my price range than the VIP Fan Club seating. I had access to those...but at $500 a pop, there was no way.

And that my friends, is total bullshit. I was not thrilled about Steve's stint on American Idol... although I enjoyed it. But it is because of that fiasco, Aerosmith has been given a third wind. And it is because of that American Idol nonsence, that they can charge extraordinary prices. It's a bunch of crap, I tell ya. Folks like me should get a long term fan discount.

But all bitching aside, I am going to be there. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

And today marks 20 days until Nightwish. Twenty days until I get to be a first hand witness to my daughter's school girl dream coming true.

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