Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lita Ford/Poison/Def Leppard

Lita's 54th birthday was just around the corner, so the Bug made her a sign. I wasn't sure Lita would be able to see it. Our tickets were in the 5th row, but the stage lights can be blinding. As soon as Lita took the stage, Mollie walked right up close and held up the sign. Lita looked at it, threw her head back and laughed!!

Lita Ford put on a great show.
Poison came on stage fast and furious! I swear C.C. Deville was looking right at the Bug. His hair was wild. I think I liked their show the most that night.

Bret did a lot of commercial talk. I couldn't bear to watch him on Rock of Love. I got sick of hearing his voice. In concert though, it was another story. I sang along with every song. I was dancing, jumping up and down, I can't even tell you what the Bug was doing. I was in my own world with Poison.
And then came Def Leppard. Oh my starz.

I forgot how hot Rick Savage was.

The one time Rick Allen came out from behind the drums was to do a short acoustic medley with the entire band. By this time, the battery on my phone was dying and I couldn't get a good picture of them on stage... so I took a picture of the big screen above us.

I had never seen Vivian Campbell play live before. He was great.

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