Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My ultimate 70's Collection

I want to create a folder of music to add to my MP3. I know there is a way to download them off the internet, lots of people have. I just never learned how.  I want to create a folder of all those obscure 70's songs that I loved so much as a little elementary school kid running around the neighborhood. I have distinct memories of riding in the back of the pea green colored station wagon, without a seatbelt, between Chicago, Illinois & Cleveland, Ohio listening to various songs on the radio and pretending that I could communicate with all the 18 wheelers with my disconnected CB radio.

So if and when I can put together my ultimate 70's collection...this is what I would put on it and why.

  1. Longer Than (Dan Fogelberg)  just because it is the sweetest love song ever written
  2.  Summer Breeze (Seals & Croft) this song makes me think of the movie Dazed & Confused, I almost want to smoke a joint each time I hear it.
  3.  If (Bread) I always said I would dance to this song at my wedding. I've never had a formal wedding that I danced at....and I've been married twice. I think it's safe to put this reverie to bed.
  4. Diary (Bread) just because this is the saddest song ever written
  5. Woman (John Lennon) I don't care if Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles. She & John shared the most wondrous love.  This song is so beautifully written about the woman who stole John's heart. 
  6. Hot Stuff (Donna Summer) I sang this song for hours while dancing on the deck of our Chicago Suburban home. Little did I know I was singing about trying to score a one night stand.
  7.  If You Leave Me Now (Chicago) This one is iffy. I distinctly remember crying in the back of the station wagon while this song played because my step-dad called my real dad a Polak.
  8. Lady (Little River Band) This song used to make me think of my real dad. Everytime I would visit him, he would have a new girl-friend and he usually met these girls while he was out dancing.  So the lyrics about the girl on the dance floor always made me think of him and whatever his girl-friend's name was at the time.
  9.  Baby Come Back (Player) Stupid Swiffer Wet Jet.  They have almost ruined it for me. But this song makes me think of the time when I tied a string to the knob of the bathroom door and tried to extract a tooth on my own.  The result was bloody and overwhelmingly painful. When I turned on the bathroom light to view the damage to my mouth, the radio also came on and was playing this song. 
  10. I Just Want To Be Your Everything (Andy Gibb) Hands down one of my most favorite memories with my real dad was him teaching me how to Disco dance in the livingroom of his townhouse in North Royalton, Ohio.  When I hear this song, time stands still.
  11.  Superstitious (Stevie Wonder) This is the song that was playing while I rode in the back of a yellow Vega, with my friend, to my step-dad's company picnic.  The excitement of potato sack races, watermelon,  and all the pop I could swig was enough to mask the pain I endured while trying to peel the backs of my thighs from the hot vinyl seats upon our arrival at the park.
I am sure there are more.  I just have not thought of them all yet.  They are coming to me one by one this afternoon.

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